Monday, June 28, 2010


Um número bem redondinho este... uma laranja cheia de sumo, um sol vermelho de fim-de-tarde, uma lua muito cheia. Este aniversário aconteceu de forma muito especial e levou a sentir-me muito grata pelas pessoas que tenho vindo a conhecer, e fez-me sentir saudades daquelas pessoas que já não vejo há muito tempo, mas por quem aguardo um encontro naquele futuro onde também convive a esperança.

Sem medos, com poucos arrependimentos, aqui vou eu...

One very rounded number... one juicy orange, one smoky red afternoon sun, one very full moon. My birthday this year happened in a very special way, and during all day I thought about the people I have met, and how grateful I am for that. I also thought fondly about those special people that I haven’t seen in a while, but that I hope one day to meet them again, somewhere in that future where hope also exists.

Without fears, few regrets, here I go…

On my way to 30s, oh yeah...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

you do it to yourself...

Why do I feel a certain peace in posting thoughts and share pictures in my blog?
Today it made a lot of sense to think that in this virtual space I have the freedom to reinvent myself. Here I can write as I wish I would always feel: to feel always passionate, to feel alive, to feel super strong, and to feel love in everything I do, to feel unconditional love for everyone.

Yes, here I can be who I wish I was a bit more in my life.

Monday, June 21, 2010

welcoming summer... jolas e tremoços

Noites de ar quente, cerveja fresquinha na mesa, junto aos tremoços. Falar de tudo e não dizer nada... O verão está aí, altura de repouso e alegria, altura de recuperar desses devaneios de primavera. Virá ou não calor? Hum... deixemo-nos embalar pela musica: OK GO "End Love"

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jedno pivo prosím (another beer please)

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s better to be a tourist in your own town and feel at home in a foreigner country.

- Dobrý den (Good day!)

Praha it’s one very luxurious city. Anywhere you look there’s beauty. Czech women are like mannequins, and they know it, and they’re not shy to show it. Everywhere there’re fancy cars driving around (I get it that’s cheap for them to buy a bmw or an audi, still…) and the buildings, oh wow, the architecture… well, imagine a city made of wedding cakes. That’s how it looks like. Sugar coated art nouveau, renaissance and baroque buildings, sprinkled with strange and surprising sculptures. David Cerny is the name of a very interesting and controversial Czech artist. But there’s so much to appreciate. The Mucha or Kafka Museums, the Kampa (for modern art). But, I didn’t really had the time to see all this. I just wandered around the city a couple of times, and then I would go back to work/play in the really cool project “Arthole” Hostel. One early morning I crossed the King Charles Brigde, and because I didn’t had a map with me I detoured from the normal turisty path. To my delight, from one open window, I could hear the beautiful sound of an opera singer. I stood there for a while, drifting in my own imagination. Music really touches directly your spirit. Looking into someone eyes can do that too.

One thing I really appreciate in these cities is the mobility they offer. From one tram to another, or just walking, there’s no need to use a car, ever! From the lust parks up in the hills, to the night clubs spread out through the city, you’re fine just with some coins in your pocket. Be sure to save always 30 kronas for one last beer (0,5l). I felt at home. Next time I’ll try to paddle in the Vltava (the river that goes through the city like a big snake); and I’ll go visit the Giant Mountains (Krkonose Mountains)– mountain Snezka is the highest peak of the country (1602m).

Děkuji for all the wonderful moments. Until next time…